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  • "Customer service is boom! I haven't needed them except for some billing questions that I personally had. The owner was so nice every time i've spoken to him. The internet the best part... i'm in an area that all internet provided is satellite. it sucked! it was capped. netflix would buffer all the time, couldn't even watch sling tv b/c the service was so slow, zoom meetings daily would cut in and out. NOW its like i have cable ran to my house. Of course in the city the internet is much better but no too much better to be honest. i would 110% recommend trying!! you won't be disappointed. i don't have a tin roof or anything like that."

    -Jillian Sheppard-

  • "I purchased a router from RV Broadband Solutions and I must say: I am AMAZED.
    This router is well worth the money,I'm simply blown away about how this thing works,I haven't got that kind of internet since I moved into the country from the city. I love this router, now I can work from home if I wanted to. I could also take it with me when we travel in our RV because it works anywhere.
    Gaming,watching movies, doing daily things on the net- not a problem now.
    Thank you RV Broadband Solutions.
    And a big thank you to Ben,who helped me every step of the way and answered questions I had about the unlimited high speed internet faster than the speed of light.
    If you need internet and you live out there in a rural area, RV Broadband Solutions is definitely the way to go!!!!!"

    -Alex Green-

  • "The best solution for RV life WIFI on the market! We live full time in our RV and have tried everything from hotspot, nomad internet, and even really expensive Pepwave routers. Nothing compares to RV Broadband Solutions. Our set up is the JAG 12 Router and the MOAB Antenna. With just the router itself it is 2-4x as fast as anything else we have tried. I cannot wait to hook up the Antenna and see how much that increases our coverage and speed. Also, the customer service is excellent so why not support a small business instead of the big corporations. Thank you Benjamin and the team at RV Broadband Solutions. Keep doing what you are doing!"

    -Garrett Puckorius-

  • "I have been using RV Broadband Solutions for a few weeks now in rural Illinois. It has been a pleasure using their internet service for working from home for my business and for streaming television. My upload and download speeds have doubled from my previous 4g internet provider. I highly recommend RV Broadband Solutions!"

    -Keith Hall-

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How It Works

High-speed, wireless low-latency broadband internet in remote and rural locations across the USA. $120/mo with a one-time PRO-12 Modem cost of $799.99. After placing an order, be sure to check your email. You will receive a link to our customer portal and a link to add a payment method on file for monthly billing. Your order will not ship until this information is completed.

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Protect Your Investment

Things happen. We get it. Protect the investment of your equipment by purchasing the RV Broadband Solutions Equipment Insurance Plan for only $10.00 extra per month. Should something happen to your router, you're covered! 

How It Works: 

If something is wrong with your equipment that we can not diagnose and fix over the phone, we will direct you to purchase our diagnostic service/firmware update service on the website for $50. This $50 covers the shipping of your router to us, the technicians fee, and the shipping back to you. Upon receipt of the equipment, we will diagnose the issue and fix the problem free of charge. If we can not fix the issue, we will replace your router free of charge.

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Join us today and promote the internet you love! When you join our standard affiliate program, you will earn 10% commission on total referral sales when a customer makes a purchase. With monthly giveaways to our affiliates and the opportunity to progress in your career with us, you have no reason not to join. Share the news of rural connectivity with others and join now!


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We Provide Solutions To Connectivity Problems

Our dedication to the quality of our product and service makes us the #1 pick for rural connectivity solutions.

  • Service Locations

    High-speed, wireless low-latency broadband internet in remote and rural locations across the USA for $120/mo. We believe that just because a person chooses to live in a rural area doesn’t mean they should have overpriced or slow Internet. By combining the latest 5G technology with the provider's service, RV Broadband Solutions provides the advantages of a major Internet provider without the contract. Our mission is to connect the unconnected.

  • Unlimited Data

    Enjoy unlimited and unthrottled data anywhere in the USA. No data caps andno prioritization. Speeds may slow down during heavy network congestion times.

  • Portability

    The PRO-12 is a plug and play wireless router designed for use in your home, office, and RV. RV Broadband Solutions provides uncapped, unlimited, and unthrottled hi-speed wireless data to any device.

  • Easy Self Install

    RV Broadband Solutions equipment allows for easy self-installation. Your
    package arrives with everything you need including your RV Broadband Solutions internet Service, Wi-Fi router, power cable, antennas and installation instructions.