Fun with NAT or Network Address Translation Settings

Fun with NAT or Network Address Translation Settings

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This is your lovable bearded tech at RV Broadband Solutions LLC and today let’s speak about gaming on our internet services. The big issue I have found from my gamer family here at RV Broadband Solutions is dealing with the NAT (Network Address Translation) settings. This issue is inherent to cell based or W.I.S.P. type services. There are two ways to deal with this issue specifically deals with utilizing a VPN (Virtual Private Network). The first fix applies to two types of consoles (XBOX and PlayStation). What you should do is connect your console via ethernet to a P.C., P.C. Laptop, or anyone that uses a Mac. But the Mac customers really need to switch to a P.C. and throw the Macs out the window. 

Once they are attached you need install a VPN to the P.C. or Mac and then use the “File Sharing” option to allow the console to use the P.C. or Macs installed VPN to bypass the NAT settings from Strict or Moderate to Open NAT. The consoles that can use next in this setup are the XBOX, PlayStation, The Switch, P.C. and Mac. Keeps in mind this is specific to the Switch because it does not have ethernet capability to utilize the “File Sharing” method. The next way to bypass the NAT issue is to use a secondary router as the main passage and internet security feature so the console signal go’s through it before exiting or receiving signal from the Jaguar router. 

When you do this you must have a router that is “Flashable” or already “Flashed” with a VPN or you or a person that is familiar with software installation to “Flash” your router with the VPN you decide to use. Once that is complete you can choose to ethernet link the console, P.C., or Mac to the router and this should make your console be able to bypass the Strict or Moderate NAT to an Open NAT. With the Switch you can attach it via your Wi-Fi on the secondary router. If you are a gamer like me you would never use the Wi-Fi for gaming and you would ethernet you system to the router for less data loss stable communication, and reduction of pixelization when running at higher frame rates when gaming.

Noteworthy things to know is if you are not a competitive gamer you should not worry about running an Open NAT. You can game on multiplayer in the Moderate or Strict option in the NAT settings. You may have some minor issues on certain games or certain gaming consoles when it comes to arena play or certain private multiplayer tournaments. Other than that, you should enjoy your systems and turn base gaming. 

Make sure as well to choose a reputable VPN service because some that are for sell are blacklisted with certain servers for streaming, gaming, work, or recreational computing. There are many VPN services out there and for my gaming I use IPVanish and for the rest of my computing needs I use Nord. 

Please feel free to open a discussion about this issue on the blog or feel free to contact me through the office at 803-587-8033 or by chat via our Help Desk on the website at



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